Value-added taxation

Value-added taxation – part of everyday business

Almost all domestic and international companies deal with value-added taxation and related questions on a daily basis. It is important for companies to ensure the accuracy of their value-added taxation related processes in order to avoid unnecessary risks but, equally, to optimize the effects of value-added taxation on their business in order to avoid unnecessary tax expenses.

Value-added tax treatment is affected by a number of factors, such as whether the transaction concerns a sale of goods or services and which country’s value added tax regulations apply to the sale. International trade of goods and services, international project deliveries and subcontracting chains as well as reorganisations of business involve a large number of value-added tax regulation and questions. In addition, certain industries are subject to special regulation for value-added tax purposes. Such industries include, for example, real estate, construction, social and health care as well as financing and insurance.

The regulations regarding value-added taxation and other indirect taxation change constantly, which is why both avoiding risks and optimizing value-added tax impacts can be challenging for companies, and require continuous monitoring of regulatory changes. Finding the answers requires posing the right questions and compiling appropriate background information. We know how to do this.

The growing importance of value-added taxation

The importance of value-added taxation and other indirect taxation in today’s global economy keeps growing. Value-added tax and other indirect taxes are a substantial source of income for countries. In 2022, for example, value-added tax was the largest individual source of income for the Finnish state. Therefore, great emphasis is put on collecting indirect taxes. Countries are also focused on preventing misconduct and decreasing  the so-called VATgap. Because of this, legal provisions and case-law concerning indirect taxation are constantly changing.

We make sure that our clients can focus on their business without additional concerns, unnecessary risks or unreasonable administrative burdens. We are proud of our close cooperation with our clients and the opportunity to offer tangible help that they need in order to make informed decisions.

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