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We build solutions for companies that operate – or would like to operate – in Finland. We solve your challenges and plan for the future so that you can succeed today.

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We support and build Finnish success stories

Our advisory related to domestic business is built around an understanding of taxation and legal matters as well as our extensive know-how that we can offer for the daily life of growth companies, SMEs and groups of companies. The questions and challenges our clients face are commonly related to Finnish tax legislation, day-to-day legal matters, such as commercial contracts, corporate law and employment, value-added taxation, remuneration and corporate taxation. We can help you with these topics in terms of planning, modelling, commenting and implementation. 

Our task is to maintain the momentum and continuity of the business of our clients by solving challenges related to taxation and law, long before they turn into problems.

Supporting you throughout all the stages of domestic business

Companies operating in Finland will commonly require expertise in taxes and law as a result of requests from financial administration, the company’s management or shareholders, for example. Needs may also often arise as a result of letters received from the authorities or demands from clients. We advise our clients on all practical matters throughout the different lifecycle stages.


Early stages of business

Early-stage obligations related to taxation and law start from the moment when the company is established. Questions will arise when hiring competent personnel and ensuring their commitment to the company or, for example, when planning and implementing a purposeful business structure, registering for value-added taxation and making VAT filings.

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The growth stages of a business

In companies that are in the growth stage, the topical questions often involve agreements, personnel and the planning and optimization of taxes. Over the years, we have seen – and resolved – numerous matters that were missed during rapid growth. This gives you access to experienced and multi-talented people who can resolve situations as they occur and, above all, can anticipate and prevent them from ever occurring.

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Stabilizing and boosting business

When working with established companies, we prepare for tax audits and maintain our knowledge of all the changes in tax law. We go through contracts and company law, ensuring that the desired goals are met and conflicts are avoided. We respond to requests for clarification from the Tax Administration, file applications for advance rulings and settle tax disputes.

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Significant changes to business

Changes in business can be challenging, as they are not always internally driven. In Finnish companies, changes often involve employee resignations, co-determination/change negotiations, renegotiation of agreements, financing negotiations and changes to terms of agreement. Cash management and discontinuation of functions may cause changes to the company’s taxation and also require statutory actions.

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Finland is full of great success stories. The references below allow you to learn about the many ways in which we are involved in the everyday business of our domestic clients.

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