Business-tyylisesti pukeutuneet mies ja kaksi naista seisovat hymyillen kattoterassilla.

Would you like to join our team?

Mustering the courage to find a solution, getting down to business and clearing a path when no one else can requires exceptional individuals and a supporting community.

We are committed to invest into the well-being of our employees and aim to offer more than just meaningful work. We strive to provide a platform for success – the opportunity to realize one’s true potential, set personal goals and achieve them through collaborative effort.

There is no need to to fit in line or blend in as long as you have a kind heart and sleeves always ready to be rolled up for work. We are proud to be part of this team working wonders with our clients.

How to apply

We grow together with our clients and that’s why we are constantly looking for new talents – motivated and business-oriented problem solvers to join our team. Are you our new colleague?


Recognize yourself as a future Alderian

We are a boldly different group of motivated professionals working towards common goals. We genuinely believe that we can change the world through success stories built together with our clients.

We value passion for continuous development and building client relationships, entrepreneurial approach, and willingness to contribute to business growth with your own input, as well as enthusiasm for learning beyond your own area of expertise.

Above all, we want Alder as a workplace to feel like the right fit for you.


Send in your application

If you share our passion for making and achieving something great, it’s time to send in your application!

Describe your skills, working style, and the experience you have gained in the field and working with clients. We would also like to hear about your background and why you want to join our team.

Include in your application the desired work location, start date, and CV.


Invitation to an interview

The interviews are arranged and conducted according to the situation, either as in-person or remote interviews, and may be started already during the application period. Depending on the situation, we arrange 1-2 interview rounds which may be supplemented with various suitability tests.

During the interview, we want to get to know you as a person and assess the suitability of your skills and experience profile for our needs and our operations. In order to achieve that, we invite you to bring out examples that describe your working style, abilities, and interests. Your enthusiasm should also shine through – after all, we may be starting a long-term journey together!


Notification on the decision

Once we have found the right person, we will contact them by phone to arrange practical matters. At this point, feel free to celebrate – you will soon be joining our amazing team!

We will also inform all applicants about the conclusion of the process and inquire about the possibility of retaining their information for potential future recruitment needs.

Alder, Miina Vähäjylkkä.

“People are the best part of Alder”

Miina Vähäjylkkä | Brand and Communications Manager

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