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It is all a matter of arrangement

We can handle the complexities of business acquisitions, assisting sellers and buyers alike. These arrangements allow you to optimise structures and enable fluent business flow.

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Financial benefits and synergies with integrated concepts

Our versatile experience in, and integrated concepts for, business acquisitions and various ownership and business arrangements will maximize your financial benefits. They also ensure that the targeted synergy benefits are achieved and offer tools for everyday life after the changes. The work is always focused around people who are involved throughout the process – from initial planning to the new daily work. Cultural integration plays a key role in terms of fluent business continuity and personnel commitment.

Our high-quality approach, tested through experience, is tailored according to the needs and goals of your company. A thorough understanding of business acts as the guideline for understanding what is essential and communicating these matters. We will help you to understand business and leadership culture in order to make the business acquisition successful.

We are here to remove obstacles from your path so that you can maintain constant momentum towards your targets.

Supporting your business in change

Our clients are commonly companies preparing for financing and investment rounds or their initial public offering. They may be considering internal structural arrangements within the group, buying or selling a company, developing incentives for improving personnel commitment, planning a transfer to the next generation or making other changes to ownership. The one thing they have in common is change. We are the support and resource you will want to utilize.


Early stages of business

During the early stages of their business, our clients are developing their business, pondering structural arrangements for their group, focusing on risk management and using ownership arrangements to have their key personnel commit. Startups, in particular, perform internal due diligence audits when preparing for their first financing or investment rounds or business acquisitions.

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The growth stages of a business

As operations grow, the company can expand by acquiring other businesses, gain additional momentum through investment and financing rounds and, at the same time, ensure systematic development by using various remuneration schemes to strengthen the commitment of key personnel. As early as possible, a growing company should also consider the opportunities offered by various group structures and sales structures, especially as regards tax efficiency.

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Stabilizing and boosting business

Established companies will need to assess and optimize the functionality of their group structure. The need may arise to separate some parts of the business. The structure of the group may be reorganized by means of mergers, demergers, share exchanges and business transfers – or through share or business transactions within the group.

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Significant changes to business

Significant changes to business may include generational change, business acquisitions and shutting down operations, for example. You may be stepping down from your company in the near future, planning to sell your company, looking to expand your operations by acquiring other companies or shutting down functions that are not profitable.

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Mergers and acquisitions breathe change. In change, it is especially important to remember the core of the operation, the people. Cultural integration plays a significant role in the smooth continuation of operations and the commitment of personnel after the acquisition. The references below allow you to learn about the many ways in which we take people into account and achieve synergies and financial benefits for our clients in the environment of change.