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Experience has taught us what it takes for international business to succeed. We are a trusted advisor for all your tax and legal matters.

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The whole world as a playing field

International business brings with it countless opportunities, but it also comes with various obligations. Seizing the opportunities requires careful planning and successful and timely reactions to situations which may sometimes change quickly.

Experience has taught us what it takes to succeed at international business. Our expertise gathered over the years combined with our comprehensive partner network allows us to navigate local provisions and assist you with any practical matters.

We are your trusted adviser for any tax and legal matters related to international business. We can provide you with an experienced and results-oriented team for all your needs – from project deliveries to setting up international subsidiaries, assisting with employee mobility and meeting local reporting obligations.

We are familiar with the opportunities in international business and can also handle local regulations. With us, your growth has no limits.

Supporting you throughout all the stages of international business

For a business, entering the international market may be a conscious choice or a turn of events dictated by the conditions. In both cases, however, success requires proactive planning, careful implementation and the ability to react quickly to changing conditions.

We support the owners and the senior management during all stages of internationalization and take the journey together with our clients, ensuring their long-term success. Our comprehensive and global partner network allows us to combine the overall picture with utilizing local experience.


Preparing for internationalisation

Compared to purely domestic operations, international business requires a different  level of effort from the company and its management. An entirely new dimension will open up alongside the familiar operating environment, with regulation, practices and ways of working that may substantially differ from those you are familiar with.

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Expanding internationally

Internationalization becomes a part of everyday life when a company operates outside of Finland. It becomes increasingly important to understand, on a practical level, the requirements set by the new operating environment, such as the tax law of the target country, obligations concerning local operations and standards applicable to reporting.

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Boosting operations

Boosting operations may be of interest to international companies that already have  trans-boundary operations and a permanent presence in more than one country. At this stage, matters related to the transfer pricing model and the pricing and documentation of business are key. The efficiency of your taxation approach as well as tax certainty should be assessed at this point.

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Changes in operations or structures

In international business, changes such as mergers, acquisitions and other arrangements, investments and transferring or shutting down operations are particularly challenging, since you have at least twice as much regulation to consider – and twice as many authorities who are interested in the situation.

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The journey from the far north into the international arenas may be long but it is surely rewarding one. The references below allow you to learn about the many ways in which we are involved in the everyday business of our global clients.

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