Comprehensive remuneration as a competitive advantage

Valuable employees are at the core of your business. Companies compete for them and want to have them commit to the company as drivers of successful business. Any remuneration solutions must be comprehensively planned and based on the company’s strategy, already at the planning stage. Successful remuneration considers the goals of the company and personnel and concretely guides work in the desired direction.

Tailor-made models for remuneration will strengthen the commitment of the personnel in a cost-effective manner. However, remuneration is not only about motivating the employees; nearly always, it involves obligations for adhering to the rules of taxation and legislation, such as labour law, company law, contract law and the Limited Liability Companies Act.

The earlier you start and ensure the commitment of your personnel, the more efficient your remuneration model can be from a taxation perspective. From an employer perspective, the way remuneration is connected to the personal taxation of the employees poses a challenge. This is why we can ensure sustainable remuneration, meeting employer obligations and identifying risks.

Business-tyylisesti pukeutunut nainen istuu modernissa toimistossa.

Rewarding as part of a company’s life cycle


Early stages of business

Starting a business is the best time for planning and implementing a functional remuneration system. Implementing systems of remuneration is typically simpler and more advantageous to the various parties during the early stages of operation. We will also assist you with establishing the company, drawing up shareholder agreements, strengthening the commitment of key personnel and filing registrations.


The growth stages of a business

With growth companies and companies aiming for the international market, once the foundation is in order, we usually look at existing remuneration models or assist in the creation of entirely new systems. We will work with you to assess whether the existing systems serve the company’s strategy, whether the commitment of new key personnel requires strengthening and whether new remuneration related legislation exists that could offer opportunities for you. In international cases, we look at the remuneration system in the context of local legislation and implement parallel systems in other countries where the company operates.


Stabilizing and boosting business

For established companies that are looking to boost their operations, we perform risk assessments and surveys of existing models. These companies typically emphasize rewards and benefits for the senior management. We always make sure that remuneration is implemented correctly from a taxation standpoint.


Significant changes to business

Significant changes in business include exits, business acquisitions, company reorganizations and other changes in ownership. We assess the impacts of the change from the viewpoints of the employee, company and labour law as well as handle all the practical arrangements.

Engage cost-effectively with customized reward models

The ideal situation for planning and implementing remuneration is at the start of business or immediately once strengthening the commitment of key personnel becomes relevant. Remuneration also becomes a topic of interest when wanting to expand the benefits, introduce broader systems of remuneration or simply consider new opportunities to support the momentum of your business. In some cases, remuneration is made relevant through investment rounds or as the company becomes more international or joins a larger remuneration system.

We can find remuneration solutions to support your company’s business and personnel, which will allow you to ensure the commitment of your personnel and successful business development. We design remuneration strategies, such as performance-based and share-based systems of remuneration, bonus systems, incentive programmes and benchmarks for remuneration. We model the financial impacts of remuneration systems and respond to tax questions from both the employer and employees.

We manage the legal implementation of the system and its documentation and assist in communicating about it. Good planning ensures rights and opportunities from a legal perspective, avoids problems and risks and, above all, saves money.

Expertise in taxation and legal matters to support you

Our assistance will ensure that you can make informed decisions during throughout all the stages of your business. Regardless of whether you are dealing with an international or domestic situation, a business acquisition or restructuring or require personal advice, you will always have access to experienced experts who know the best tools for your situation.

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