Personal taxation and global mobility

Anticipation guarantees global mobility

The global mobility of employees and transboundary recruitments or project deliveries need to be analyzed from the perspectives of taxation, social security and employer obligations. We will be by your side as experienced problem-solvers in the wide world of international regulations. Our tailored services allow us to support you in managing your obligations, regardless of the situation. We make sure that you know what to do and what it means in practice. If you prefer, we can also support your company to manage things independently going forward by building a functional process and guidance for this purpose.

Global mobility is no longer only about traditional work assignments in a foreign country; rather it is about employees truly moving globally, according to the needs of the company as well as their personal needs. In addition to traditional work assignments abroad, companies face challenges from international travel for work, short project assignments, situations involving work in several countries and transboundary remote work in terms of their obligations related to laws and taxation. Permanent transfers of employees abroad or hiring international talent in Finland also requires careful planning and anticipation on the part of the companies.

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We typically advise individual employees, their supervisors, payroll, HR or management working with taxes and finances.

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Instructions and policies
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Personal tax filing and permanent establishments

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Competitive advantage from well-designed and efficient processes

Pre-planned and clear processes lay a good foundation for the organization in situations related to global mobility and internationalization. Managing employer obligations appropriately and in a timely manner avoids risks from the point of view of the company and employee. We draw up instructions, process descriptions and policies related to global mobility, plan the internationalization of the company and answer questions related to global mobility and recruitment.

Well planned, efficient processes provide a competitive advantage to the company and strengthen the commitment of the personnel. We can also draw up guides related to the themes of global mobility for use as tools in HR and organize training for employer representatives and employees alike.

Personal taxation and global mobility professionals

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Our assistance will ensure that you can make informed decisions during throughout all the stages of your business. Regardless of whether you are dealing with an international or domestic situation, a business acquisition or restructuring or require personal advice, you will always have access to experienced experts who know the best tools for your situation.

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