International corporate tax

Taxation as part of an international operating environment

International corporate taxation is often talked about when the company’s business or a specific transaction involves tax obligations from another country or several different countries.  Traditionally, international corporate taxation applies to international companies as well as companies aiming for the international market and their operations in different countries. When a company operates internationally and conducts business in more than one country, it needs to consider the tax legislation and regulations in each country and their mutual impacts.

International taxation is part of international business. Our solid experience and extensive partner network provide us with knowledge of the local regulations. We become the management’s navigators in the sea of regulations and identify the underlying opportunities for your business. We already know what you need to consider on your way towards international success.

International corporate tax as part of whole

Questions related to international corporate taxation are often encountered when companies establish an international presence, through international business acquisitions or reorganizations as well as in international project deliveries. It should be noted that even an individual transaction may involve key questions in the field of international corporate taxation.

Business-tyylisesti pukeutunut mies seisoo hymyillen modernissa toimistossa.

Single point of contact for internationalization needs

Transboundary business always emphasizes planning and anticipation, since internationalization will tie up a substantial amount of the company’s resources. Working sensibly will save time and money, simplify your cash management and let you decide which money is tied where and at which point. When a company handles its internal matters and obligations appropriately, the approach will also reflect on its employees. Regulation also means that larger companies require more from their contractual partners.

We will be with you throughout the implementation of the projects. We help with the implementation and advise you on the course of the project, in terms of obligations, for example. We investigate matters related to taxation at source and eliminate double taxation. Oftentimes, we will also rectify the history and old obligations arising from it.

We help with analyses related to permanent establishments and branches and register and report the necessary information. We help you choose the correct approach, subsidiary or branch as well as to meet your obligations concerning withholding tax. We also interpret tax agreements for different countries and solve questions related to transfer pricing for you.

Expertise in taxation and legal matters to support you

Our assistance will ensure that you can make informed decisions during throughout all the stages of your business. Regardless of whether you are dealing with an international or domestic situation, a business acquisition or restructuring or require personal advice, you will always have access to experienced experts who know the best tools for your situation.

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