Domestic corporate tax

Optimized corporate taxation is part of a functional company

We can answer all your questions related to domestic company taxation and act as a support pillar for your company’s daily business. We help our clients in situations that require interpreting the tax legislation, plan correct approaches, draw up calculations, internal instructions and models as well as fix any observed problems in order to maintain and simplify our clients’ business.

We assist our clients with regular taxation, such as tax accounting and tax filings. We can answer all your questions related to, for example, fixed asset shares, net interest expenses, amortisations, provisions, depreciation or additional deductions for research and development activities. We also respond to the needs arising from the Tax Administration’s initiatives, such as requests for clarification, tax audits and task disputes. Furthermore, we can draw up applications and appeals to the tax authorities and the Administrative Court. In order to develop business and processes, we perform internal audits and share our expertise during training.

Business-tyylisesti pukeutuneet mies ja kaksi naista istuvat keskustelemassa modernissa toimistossa.

Related to domestic corporate tax

Company taxation is also closely tied to the taxation of employees and individual owners, taxation of persons and remuneration from the company’s point of view, for example. Special attention should be paid to the taxation of persons and remuneration, as the tax burden will be on the employee.

Domestic corporate taxation is strongly linked to domestic business, owner-entrepreneurs and business transactions and arrangements. In international business we also handle all tax matters in Finland.

Sort out tax matters beforehand and utilize the possibilities of taxation

Questions related to corporate taxation most commonly arise when preparing the financial statements, acquiring or selling assets, planning new investments and reorganizing functions. At this time, our help is needed to resolve and plan the tax processing of various matters and to systematically manage them. Typical situations also involve questions arising when drawing up tax filings, letters received from Tax Administration and business acquisitions.

Our decades of experience in tax questions involving startups, SMEs and enterprises ensure that you will always have access to top professionals who aim to see all the opportunities in your business. Since taxation is tied to accounting, our understanding of accounting and experience in tax-related calculations allows us to examine your business in a comprehensive manner. We make sure that no decisions made in accounting will exclude any taxation-related opportunities for your company or affect them.

Expertise in taxation and legal matters to support you

Our assistance will ensure that you can make informed decisions during throughout all the stages of your business. Regardless of whether you are dealing with an international or domestic situation, a business acquisition or restructuring or require personal advice, you will always have access to experienced experts who know the best tools for your situation.

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