Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing as part of international business

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing of business transactions between companies within the same group, which are also known as controlled transactions. Even though the limits for a documentation obligation vary from one country to another, the requirement for adhering to the market price principle applies to all companies engaging in, or planning to engage in, international business. In this case, all business transactions, such as trade in goods and services, compensation for the use of immaterial property and internal financing, are assessed from a taxation point of view.

The business model and taxation approach must be aligned in order to allow for potential tax risks to be identified in time. This will make your operations tax-efficient. Together with our global partner network, we will make sure that our clients can focus on their transboundary business without additional concerns, unnecessary risks or unreasonable administrative burdens.

Take care of obligations with no worries or unnecessary risks

Transfer pricing has become significantly more important in today’s global economy, and globalization has made value chains for international companies more advanced and more complex from a taxation perspective. In order for your business to meet transfer pricing obligations, we will take care of the following:

Transfer pricing model
Transfer pricing documentation
Arm’s length analyses and database studies
Delivery and value chain analysis and optimization
Advance procedures

Local expertise is always at your disposal

We make sure that you are always using a suitable, efficient and purposeful internal approach that makes it easy to tend to your obligations. Our global network of partners covering more than 150 countries for local advice at your disposal.

In addition to individual assignments, we offer an efficient total outsourcing service (TP BackOffice) that relies on synergy benefits and gives you access to unlimited resources within the required scope. This collaboration carries a monthly charge, is predictable and covers all countries where the group operates.

Expertise in taxation and legal matters to support you

Our assistance will ensure that you can make informed decisions during throughout all the stages of your business. Regardless of whether you are dealing with an international or domestic situation, a business acquisition or restructuring or require personal advice, you will always have access to experienced experts who know the best tools for your situation.

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