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Personal advisory for owner entrepreneurs and other private individuals. You should prepare for success, as it may turn into a costly surprise.

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We think for your advantage

Our experience in working with companies gave rise to the idea of managing matters for family businesses, entrepreneurs and other private individuals.

Entrepreneurs and other private individuals can manage their assets with legal assistance and focus on tax efficiency with proactive and comprehensive planning.

Alder Private will think matters for you and take into consideration different aspects and point of views. We plan and implement various arrangements with high quality – and support and assist you along the way. We understand the assets of the family, manage the overall situation and deliver a turnkey solution for you. While many people find law and tax legislation boring, they are a passion for us. This way, we can also discover opportunities for your needs.

A customer relationship with Alder means that you will receive a personal expert who, together with their team, will assist you in all planning and implementation related to taxation and law. Above all, it means that you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on what you do best.

Alder Private – For you, your family and your company

Personal service

You may encounter situations where you need to consider transferring assets to the next generation, retirement, changes to ownership in your company, investing, taxation of investment funds or capital insurances, inheritance planning or business continuity through family law documents, for example.

Based on our experience setting up investment companies, shared ownership of investment companies within families and opportunities for optimizing inheritance and gift taxation are areas of particular interest. We work proactively and offer high-quality expertise, which allows us to help you save on taxes and optimize the overall approach towards the desired end result.

In addition to the above, we also plan and implement company ownership structures, share exchanges and generation shifts as well as perform tax analyses for people moving into or out of Finland. We draw up tax forms for individuals and businesses, last wills and testaments, continuous power of attorneys and prenuptial agreements and assist with estate inventories, distributions of estate and inheritance tax planning.

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Alder Private supports entrepreneurs and other private individuals in the tax-efficient and proactive management of their investments and assets. We always look at situations as a whole and have you, your family and your company at the center of it. Read about the experiences of others!