Sustainability as part of core business

A sustainable company will recognise the impacts of its business on the environment, society and various stakeholders. A sustainable company will also recognize the importance of sustainability in terms of its own business. Sustainability does not happen automatically; it requires active action, decisions and internal processes to support everyday work. It is a comprehensive and fixed part of the company’s core business and economic value creation.

Sustainability is undergoing a major change, as mandatory legislation increases and expectations concerning stakeholder sustainability increase. Even though a part of the new regulations concerning sustainability will first apply to larger companies, the same requirements will also affect SMEs as part of their production chains.

Sustainability is divided into three areas – environmental, social and governance. In order for sustainability to become a part of daily life and practice, the company should identify the key sustainability themes for its business.

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We bring sustainability into everyday life, decision-making and internal processes

We specialize in questions of social responsibility and good governance. We support companies with starting sustainability work, drawing up materiality analyses, planning and setting goals and drawing up sustainability reports.

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Towards sustainability

Sustainability has become a prerequisite for existing, and its impacts can be clearly seen in attracting employees and ensuring their commitment, receiving financing and acquiring and retaining customer relationships.

In the long term, sustainability offers new business opportunities and innovations. It is connected with the company’s growth and profitability, helps with risk and reputation management and increases employee satisfaction. This strengthens the commitment of employees and a positive employer image. It meets the growing expectations of stakeholders and the requirements of increased legislation and forms a significant part of the sustainability requirements of production chains in enterprises. 

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